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The House Bunny
You'll probably like the geeky Emma Stone in here plus a hot Anna Faris as a mother of the sorority and Katherine is so pretty and I forgot about Max in 2 Broke girls, still loves her humor here . The story runs around the Zeta house trying to save the place through the help of playboy bunny Shelley. The geek girls of the house are transformed to their unknown beauty which helped them save their house. 

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Who thought that growing Salmon in Yemen was possible? Well some Sheik believed in it. Emily Blunt stunningly plays her role (she never grows old). Well what I liked in here is the comparison of faith to a fish, the way you catch it in open water. I also knew about the river system thing which is run by China. Kristin Scott Thomas adds her wit as somekind of a secretary or spokesperson of the president. Ewan McGregor looks familiar but I just don't know where I saw him.

Teen Spirit
She planned her prom night very well but she did not see the idea of dying because of loose wires getting to her prom queen crown. Now that she's dead, Tim Gunn requires her to let the most lonely or left out student of her school to be reigned as queen in order to send her peacefully to heaven. On the process of making Paige from PLL to be beautiful, she lost her true identity because of all the glitter and attention. 

While everyone was getting their dreams, Justin Long is waiting for the opportunity while being a waiter at Shenaniganz. Ryan Reynold's a douche-bag in here, Anna Faris is a bitch and Sugar (if I'm not mistaken} from Glee is a teen slut. What I remembered most is how they cooked the steak (again) of  a picky costumer, it was tragic with all the dirt they put into. Lesson here : Calmly ask the waiters for whatever you wish and that most fast foods are really really dirty 

Your Highness
This made me watch because of James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zoey Deschanel. This movie tried to humor mo but it quite did not work. James Franco played the mighty warrior who killed monsters, beasts and other villains. In the course of a celebration because of their victory. His soon to be maiden was captured which led him and his brother to find her. On their way they met Mighty Fine which is Natalie, who helped them in their journey.

Ruby Sparks
This movie is so adorable in my opinion. This writer guy sold out his story when he was young, now he needs to find the right inspiration to make him create another sold out book. A dream made him create of a girl of his dreams and one day this girl was cooking in his kitchen. Yes! the girl in his dreams magically appeared and everything he typed in his typewriter came true. He promised then never to change Ruby, meaning not to use the typewriter again. However, Ruby wanted to live like a normal person, have a job, other friends and the like. In the end Ruby found out that she was a created person, unreal, and so the writer guy made Ruby free in the ending of his story. He learned how to love the real way. At the last scene of the movie, his dog, who also knew Ruby, found a girl reading and has the same features of Ruby so I smell love coming in the air.

The Amazing Spiderman
I don't know if I just forgot how the first Spiderman movie went or that Andrew Garfield is just cute. I liked it better for it went realistic on how he created his suit. Emma Stone is pretty again. I bet you know the story of Peter Parker. I just really wanted to see it so I watched it, amazing it is.

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