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Take a break, watch a movie PART 2

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The Loved Ones
She's the total creep package. I hate to say this but the thing she's holding, she drilled it right into the guy's forehead. How unlucky those guys who fell into  her trap. Just be careful to those prom invitations that you disregard, who knows you might be spending a bloody prom night with a psychotic 
Cause Romain Duris became my 2nd most wanted french hot guy. He doesn't mend broken hearts but his job is to break hearts. Literally keeping people apart but with a high cost. However, breaking other people's heart does come with a pay back call. He fell in love with his client. The dirty dancing dance was epic. This movie is hilarious at the same time. 

Pregnancy Pact
These girls dreamt of having babies. Like a dream come true and like a fairytale. Be with the guy and build a family in a blink of an eye. They were too oblivious of the fact that having babies doesn't run that smoothly like what they think. It was alarming at the same time it was a becoming of age story and it does happen in real life. 
October Baby
What's wrong with her is that she's been sick..  since a kid and when transfusion of blood was already part of the story, she learned that she wasn't the true daughter of her parents. So she goes on a journey with her best friend, who likes her more than any other guy. In the end she found out that she had a twin brother but wasn't able to survive and that her mother didn't want her and that she had her new life as a lawyer. In the end, she appreciates the family who took care of her all this time and her best friend ask her to a real first date.
The scary movie that I always wanted to watch but too scared to find out ...alone. I just hate the ending where the father wasn't able to go back to his body. Be careful of going out of your body while sleeping, like horrible travel with devils, deceased and ghosts. You don't want these creatures lurking around your house making your relatives suffer from mild heart attack.

Smokin' Aces
Guns and blood, two things that made me remember this movie. Turns out what they were after for was related to the victim. In the end, Ryan Reynold killed the father and son. That guy in Entourage, he was high as fuck. This movie had too many skilled killers that made holding gun so awesome.

Damsel in Distress
Weird girls, they deal with depression through dunkin donuts. Their sorority or whatever you call it is consists  of demure talking girls. Still I learned a few things. Damsel in Distress deals with boys trying to make them go to shower, love, prince charming, college life and a bunch of things.

Here ends my semestral break movie list. Hope you found out something new to see!


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