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The Mairu Portrait

I see June photos but it’s already July. I have to eagerly push myself to do my school works but I’m too lazy and distracted at the same time. I want a Travis Maddox for myself, again, immersing myself to another trashy romantic book. Routine, I’m back to the routine and it seems fine. I know the photo above is no connection in the story I'm telling but let me point out the few elements in this image that  is related with me as of the moment. (1) I get the feeling everyday of the face I have in here, the question of "Why" and "What?". What will happen to this brand new day?, Why am I here? Why? What ? and all the questions running in this uncanny head I own. (2) Girl and guy in commerce uniform behind. Maybe they're friends but my senses tells me its different so let's use that instead. This will sound too mushy but please let me cause I've been in another world since reading Beautiful Disaster. Relationships are so fun, so fun I can hardly keep up. I see different people and sometimes I grin or chuckle. I hear stories from friends and I find it simple but for them its complicated. I see two of my best pals deeply in love with each other and my love for human relationship is restored. Love makes the world go round? Yes that's a statement a.k.a wonder at the same time. Last but not the least (3) UST, home of the tigers. My university and I feel home after two years of strolling inside, I mean studying :)) It feels home and I like it. 

Back to me. Classes was suspended today. I was drenched in water on my to school and going home. I was supposed to finish 3 plates and as usual, undone. Hours change, my head stays the same, nothing is really making sense. I'm cracking few shells of my perfect wall and if this goes well, it will be fun. I have so many thoughts to say earlier but it went mixed up in my head, I can't hardly remember. 

Umbrellas, please take them with you. The weather's quite unhealthy and gloomy...
Thank you for stopping by, I thought you ought to know something about me today young anonymous face. 
Good Night. I really need to finish at least one plate.
Last song: Drive By - Train

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