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May 7, 2012 @ Monday, May 07, 2012 | 2 Comment [s]

Bedtime. Time of gushing realizations, it happens all the time. I miss school, especially the things you do inside of it. I want to eat sausages with mustard and catsup with my shifter best buds. Taho in morning. The essential elevator if you have class on the 8th floor or just too lazy to use the stairs. People, I miss seeing random people like my potential rival, the security guard who basically remembers me a lot because of improper uniform. I miss Sisig in  Dapitan. Kahit yung manok na nabibili sa Ministop namimiss ko. Seeing all that I missed from school, I conclude that I've spent my life entirely on eating. HAHAHAHA. Who doesn't anyway? 

I wonder what Jill and Mairu is doing right now. Well you see I don't know but I  miss them. One time Jill and I had a conversation about people saying too much "I miss you" to other people that it becomes their expression. We had the same thought. Don't say " I miss you too" back if you don't miss that person. Just say something near reality than messing with lies. Like saying "I love Youtube" very fast than being obliged to say I love you too in reply. :))I will see these two earthlings on the 25th (fast forward please!)

I just finished watching Wall Street. Stocks bothers me still. I can't fucking comprehend it or should I say how stupid of me. I'm used to watching movies at least once in a day. I can't sleep at this eerie time of day when we should, actually.

Oh my Lunes nanaman. Same shit, different day. But interestingly something great happened today, I mean yesterday! (in my own point of view) I successfully installed Adobe Premiere and I tried lifting the pen and draw inanimate objects. I feel so intimidated, my block mates are painting/ drawing/ practicing etc. so I'm pushing myself to do something too.

This is getting long and nobody likes to read a long piece of crap story and my dad insists that I go to bed "now". Anyway thanks for dropping by. It's good to have a quick shock absorber after reading whining thoughts sa twitter or when overthinking and insanity hits you. 

Bye.  Remember "don't whine when it hurts. It's like first grade...nobody wants a crybaby".

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