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(BA)First Year College in Stills

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Largest Human Rosary 

SMX Convention

Sim's 18 Birthday

Brocka's 18TH kiddie inspired celebration

Together with Irah

Corregidor with Kaite, Nica and Christian

Right picture with Tric and Christian

BBFF on my right, Nica getting tall!

Away from the city. Eco park.

"We'll be young forever!" with Irah and Nia

Filipino shoot for the second semester

Kaite look at you! 1st week of classes

Volleyball with the girl

Quadri Celebration with Emgie and Diandra

Mane's Birthday 

Number one! L to Right: Nica, Dudut, Jason, Mane, Cj and me

The best thing I learned in my stay here was from my English professor and that is to know by heart the college we belong to, "College of Commerce and Business Administration"  but let us use College of Commerce for the ease of use! I would say this was my love at first sight  and my one true love is advertising arts.

So lemme start scribbling the events of my first year experience. The first thing that hit me was the shocking moment when I saw my high school friend (Paula Munoz) entering the same room without no idea about it for the whole summer. A week after we are opening doors beyond the university with electric vibes running around our system. We fell in love with the grass of lovers lane every afternoon watching the sky and talking about anything under the sun. Our first sem P.E. schedule had Track and Field on a Tuesday morning while 2nd sem gave us Volleyball on a Monday morning which is a big pain in the ass to start your week. What I liked about my stay here was the 4 hrs duration of class and mid schedule but for whatever reason I don't know why it's so hard to go to class.

What really matters is that I get to meet the awesome people and slash the not-so-good ones. I still miss them on random days of the week. Wished I can do both classes in a day or whatever. Time flies so fast but never a good bye can slow it down. Rock on to the wonderful Business People \m/ 


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