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It was August 5, 2010

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Everything happens for a reason and my existence sure has a valid reason why it started on a warm sunny morning of July 8 in the year 1993. The name given to me by my parents is Karmina but I prefer being called Kaymie, I don't know how they came up with my nickname but I like the unique spelling of it. Regards to my family, I have 3 siblings whom to my parents surprise are all girls and I'm the youngest . I live in Navotas, near Malabon where I finished my secondary school at St. James Academy. This year I turned 17 and life is still full of surprises. I'm a self confessed cute and awesome person even if it annoys everyone with the first adjective. Being talkative and silent at the same time is super me, it sounds contradicting but its true which makes me unpredictable sometimes.

Please take note that it was written last year in my English course. This is for the keeps!


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