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Brighter Than Sunshine by CJ Ancheta and Kaite Fuentes

Calling all the massive-galactic facebook population. Kindly vote for two of my friends as the sole winner of the Shapes Summer Sister. All you have to do is like the official Shapes facebook and like their photo in the album. Isn't that easy? 

Kaite Mariz Fuentes
Petite as it may seem but this girl knows how to set aside her height matters! Make way for she's here to groove your thang, not just your ordinary dancer but your flying cheerleader! That's right you heard me, she's part of the Precom Dance Troupe. Don't call her Katie cause it's pronounced as Kate or else be ready for a hard stomping pronunciation of her name. You think she's a cute little girl but think twice she knows how to dress like a lady with a collection of high jaw-dropping heels no freshman student can beat the record. Yes that's Kaite and I personally call her B2 like the Bananas and Pajamas tandem, we crazily think alike. You want to know more about her? Then visit her personal blog at kaitekeepsondreaming, you'll meet there the superman of her life. <3 

Christine Joyce Ancheta
With a face so angelic like hers no guy can resist her charm. So guys don't break her heart cause a pack will come to rip your faces into pieces. CJ as everyone calls her is a brightening agent, one will hear that his day is complete by the thought of her smile! She can be your model, your sporty girl, your love adviser, your friend and might as well your friendly neighbor! Who knows these characteristics are rolled into one chick.  So don't jump into conclusions at the sight of her face, you only know her name and not the story behind her. She has her own life story and she's the heroine of it and you can apply as the prince on a horse but she don't need villains anymore.  Take it or leave it, CJ the girl we'll love for who she is.  Get in touch with her thoughts at bestthingaboutyou.

Kaite and Cj takes care of each other like blood related sisters, when one is in the verge of breakdown one is there to give advice and help. That's what matters most, comfort that is stickier than glue and a straightforward attitude ready to bang your head on the wall when you're insane. Girls may get intimidated but take a closer look, they have a heart bigger than a giant panda! Company with this two lovely ladies will not end the day with a smile on your face.  Get ready with your umbrellas, glasses and sunblocks cause these girls are brighter than sunshine!

To like the official Shapes facebook : Shapes
To like Cj and Kaite: Brighter than Sunshine

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