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Hey Oreo Cheesecake.

Apr 5, 2011 @ Tuesday, April 05, 2011 | 2 Comment [s]

The one I'm watching right now is in forever-buffer state and so I went to tumblr world and satisfy my food orgasm and that is oreo cheescake but flickr had more oreo cheesecake so yey!

I fell in love with this food on a fair Monday morning right after my Volley Ball P.E. class. I was alone that day and I had no place to go. My feet brought me to the library but dammit what am I suppose to do there? My stomach reacts and I headed to the library's cafe. It was my first time in that cafe and good thing there was a cute guy right across my view, still got broken and smashed to realize he was with someone else. I know love is a massive killer. Awkward is the best word suited in that experience. I dunno what to order, what to say and how to move. I ended up with this chocolate milkshake and slice of oreo cheesecake. I had no idea if it tastes like food or what! So happy to know after that it was so much than what I expected. I missed it's taste and the satisfaction it brought me. There I just told you my lust ambition towards food. So yeah I'm a food monster.

 Now I wanna raise a dagger and eat one. Been here inside the house for 36 hours. Not bored actually more of liking the lazy lifestyle during summer vacations. Sleeping and eating! I'am increasing my weight in the fastest possible way and that really annoys me. Summer should be productive but mine's getting oh-so-nonsense.

Where to grab a good oreo cheesecake besides my first attempt in our university's library cafe? Care to share... The Beatles is so awesome!!


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